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"Let me turn to NGOs. There is no country with which I am familiar where the public infrastructure alone can mount an adequate response to HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria. It just cannot be done. In all countries we need to mobilize and empower the non-government actors"

- Dr. Richard Feacm
Executive Director Global Fund to Fight AIDS Tuberculosis, and Malari

As these co-epidemics rage rampantly out of control across the global landscape, women are at critical risk and girls, even baby girls, face unimaginable dangers.New, innovative and collaborative approaches on a massive scale are called for. INTERSECT is an answer to that call.

Goals and Objectives:

To mobilize non-governmental sectors, including the Women’s Movement from the grassroots to NGOs across countries heavily challenged by the pandemic to stand as a powerful active response.

To shift the social environment from one in which HIV, Violence Against Women and Girls and a host of other social ills have been allowed to flourish, to one in which they are no longer acceptable and powerful solutions are sought and supported.

To reconfigure how movements inter-relate so that they can, by virtue of working in the company of one another, and by expanding to include vast numbers of organizations representing a vast and varied constituency, have the power and force needed to accomplish what at one time may have seemed impossible.

To demonstrate the profound link between HIV and Violence Against Women and Girls and the value added to other sectors and movements by finding concerns and interests in common with those who seek the safety of women and those who want to end AIDS.

To redefine how coalitions work internally and to provide a model that breaks the tradition of infighting, power struggles, turf battles, and the need to thrash out every difference that has kept brilliantly intended organizations and movements struggling, not just to reach their goals but internally as well.

To inspire profound dialogue among Coalition members about the critical issues facing them and to help translate the outcomes of these dialogues into action.

To link state or province-wide coalitions within a country to shift the national character with regard to HIV and Violence Against Women and Girls and to link Coalitions internationally.

To support each Intersect Coalition in devising its own set of goals and structure and to evaluate their work to make sure it is consistent with and in harmony with the goals of INTERSECT, which are based in cooperation and action.

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