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To spread / replicate the Imbiza
Intersect Coalition Arts & Culture Model
across the Eastern Cape:


Intersect Coalition in the Eastern Cape launched its model in the township of Duncan Village with an Arts and Culture Cluster which re-invigorated an unused Art Center and invited painters, sculptors, photographers, dancers, poets and people working in the theater arts to engage the community in creating works that allowed them to explore and express their experiences, fears, and ideas about Violence against Women and Girls and HIV/AIDS and Disabilities. The results were displayed for community consumption, education and entertainment at an Imbiza Art Festival in June of 2003 with gallery exhibitions, arts projects, dance performances, original plays, poetry readings and performance art. These projects are enlightening, moving, innovative, and have drawn from the entire community both as performers, teachers, volunteers and audiences. The Task Team seeks to replicate the Duncan Village model across the province.
* “Imbiza” means melting pot into which stakeholders bring their expertise and concerns together to “cook” a product for the consumption of the community.

This Year The Imbiza Intersect Coalition has gone mad for training so that they can be an effective tool to face the co-epidemics of HIV/AIDS and Violence Against Women and Girls. In addition to arranging trainings the Task Team meets regularly and participates and collaborates on related projects and programs. The following workshops have been generously produced for us in order to hone our skills in advocacy, lobbying and training.

Advocacy and lobbying workshop: 3rd to 6th May 2005

NISAA Women’s Development Institute held a meeting in East London to train INTERSECT members on advocacy and lobbying. NISAA sponsored the whole workshop. The workshop’s aim was to give participants skills on advocacy and lobbying, which included:

- What is the issue for advocacy?
- Information about the issue
- What is the vision of your campaign? What are the goals along the way?
- Identifying the players?
- Closer look at some tactics
- Press release
- Getting public attention: designing a poster

- Small Group Session at Advocacy Training -

The Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre Workshop: 7th to 10th March 2005

Working on the link
Having noticed that most member organisations of IMBIZA Intersect Coalition have received some training on HIV/AIDS but not on the intersection of Gender Equality with HIV/AIDS with and Human Rights, Tonny Masha approached Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre to request a training workshop that would cover the interface between these areas. Masimanyane agreed to conduct the training workshop and sponsored the following: training venue, the stationery, manuals and catering.

The objectives of the training workshops were to further equip members of organisations affiliated to IMBIZA Intersect Coalition with the following skills and ideas:
◊ Gender and sexuality ◊ Identifying stereotypical behaviour ◊ How children learn ◊ Circles of power ◊ Process of socialization ◊ Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ◊ Patriarchy ◊ Locating gender in different places – home, work, politics ◊ Building blocks of relationships ◊ Adult-children relationship ◊ The peer relationship ◊ Sexual relationship
◊ The South African Human Rights Framework: The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Gender machinery ◊ CEDAW & Beijing + 10 ◊ CEDAW & the Shadow Report Process ◊ Activism, advocacy campaigning and disaster management
◊ Model for awareness raising ◊ Points of entry into the web of activism ◊ Café conversations as a model for awareness raising ◊ Making impact on policy-making ◊ Conducting successful campaigns ◊ Co-ordinating, pitching and documenting advocacy.

Not All Workshops Are Just Work:

- Tonny Masha with youth in Mooiplas -
- The Elders -
- The really young ones -

Workshop held on 21st February 2005
Terms of reference:

It was felt that there should be a more formal relationship created among organizations falling under the wing of the Imbiza Coalition. The following is a brief look at the objectives of the workshops:

a - to explain to participants the philosophy behind the formation of IMBIZA
b - to explore where the Coalition is right now and where it is headed
c - to explain to participants the main objectives of IMBIZA
d - to explain to participants the perceived need to formalise the Coalition
e - to get views from participants on what they would like to see IMBIZA do
f - to formalise the Coalition
g - to discuss the way forward

Some Workshops are for Youth and Youthful Grown Ups:

- Tonny Masha waiting to Drawing his Hands -
- A Collection of Hand Prints -

Imbiza Intersect Coalition began with the innovative and moving Arts and Culture Programs: 2003/2004:


- 13 Imbiza Intersect Coalition Arts & Culture programs across the province.
- 4 Imbiza Intersect Coalition projects per year, rolled out over three years using the 133 community art centres (rent free) as bases.
- 200 participants in each program.
- 65 volunteer teachers in the Eastern Cape province - (5 volunteers per centre- focusing on drama, dance, film and video, craft, language /poetry).

Dance Program:
This program will start in October in 13 Art Centers made available by the Department of Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture and is expected to reach 5000 children and adults in the province. The program will continue in Duncan Village and begin expansion in Buffalo Flats, Parkside, Mdantsane, and Zwelitsha, etc.

These groups will be using the themes of HIV/AIDS and Violence Against Women for those creating the material for performance and for the performers themselves to express a universal sense of these issues through the specific experiences of individuals.

Arts and crafts:
There will be painting, sculpture, and other art forms. The addition to this project involves Quilting classes. Here we would get a person or group to quilt one square and once all the squares are joined, a story will be told around HIV/AIDS and this could become a traveling quilt. It will also be exhibited at the conference.

The projects will culminate in a series of Arts Festivals as did the model in Duncan Village. The Arts Festivals serve to educate the public, raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, Violence Against Women and Girls, and ways to break the cycle of both and the connection of one to another. The festivals will also serve to recruit and enroll the next group of performers and feature interactive ways for festival attendants to participate.

Outreach Programmes:
This project involves awareness campaigns, networking and moral regeneration programmes in prisons.

Structure and goals of Imbiza INTERSECT Coalition:

Task Team: Duties
- Oversee the work of the Coordinator
- Assist in the establishment and empowerment of committees to:

1. Reach out to HIV/AIDS organizations, organizations working to end violence against women & girls, organizations from all sectors of the women’s movement, and all related sectors across the province, bringing them into the Imbiza Intersect Coalition.
2. Coordinate and organise the recruitment of volunteers into the Imbiza Intersect Coalition.
3. Gather, disseminate and develop HIV/AIDS prevention and violence against women and girls education materials.
4. Provide direction to and ensure that the work of persons enlisted to
help in the project is accurately done.
5. Develop networks with relevant stakeholders and foster and sustain key relationships.

- Promote and strengthen the participation of people living with HIV/AIDS by ensuring their participation in issues pertaining to people living with HIV/AIDS.

- Promote and strengthen the participation of victims of violence and abuse by using the Arts as a vehicle for rehabilitation and therapy.
Prepares and implements a strategic plan for the Imbiza Intersect Coalition.

- Outlines the goals as well as the key objectives of the programme, together with the coordinators for attaining these goals and targets.

- Looks at the proper utilisation of all the resources of Imbiza Intersect Coalition for optimal impact.

- Devises and develops strategies to ensure that members remain passionate about the relevant/current issues.

- Build mechanisms and strategies to ensure that members receive qualitative service.


All relevant government departments, Men’s groups, human rights groups, businesses, children’s rights groups, women’s rights groups, street children, disabled people, PLWA, gay and lesbian activists, sex workers, prisoners, rural community members, youth groups, media, gender departments.

This program will be replicated at thirteen venues. It will be well-monitored and will be evaluated at the end of the six months against the key objectives set up in the action plan of each programme. This will be done together with an impact assessment workshop with the community involved. A detailed report on the findings will be submitted to the task team and the board.

Postal address: Postnet Suite 436
Private Bag X 9063, East London
5200, Eastern Cape
South Africa
Cellphone: 072 376 7133
082 691 2794
Date: 16 September 2003

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