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Plans to begin preliminary meetings about establishing an Intersect Coalition in Iraq, following the completion of a UNIFEM women's conference in Baghdad were postponed after the bombing of the United Nations Headquarters.  INERSECT is fortunate to be partnered with Women for Women, which is already established in the country and the Women of Iraq Tour of the United States.

In lieu of working in Iraq, INTERSECT has participated in bringing two noted Iraqi women to the United States for meetings at the United Nations, with members of Congress and Senators as well as art and culture organizations, faith based organizations and women's groups across America.  Amal Al-Khedairy, a curator, art historian and founder of Iraqi House, the premiere Arts and Culture Center in Baghdad was joined by international journalist Nermin Al-Mufti for this tour.  These women will join other partners in the start-up of the Iraq Intersect Coalitions as soon as we are able to get into the country. The purpose of the Iraq Intersect Coalition will be to create safety, security and a voice in planning the future of Iraq for women.

Nermin Al Mufti before Congressional Committee

Center : Amal Al Kadairy

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