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Coalition Building Session hosted by W.I.S.E. and SAKI

The objectives of this workshop were as follows :

To build a Coalition - of individuals and organizations working in HIV and Violence Against Women and Girls and many other related fields, such as sex trafficking, sex work, psychiatry, economic parity, human rights, the rights of children, drugs and alcohol, teen pregnancy, labor etc. acknowledging that the magnitude of both the issues would require concentrated and concerted action.
To bring the powerful work being done in various fields together for maximum impact.
To identify and highlight the core issues to be dealt with by the Coalition and the strategies to be adopted by them for the same.
To select a Task team which would under take the responsibility of coordinating the Coalition’s activities.
To draw up a plan of action or activities for the future.

To ensure that the Coalition is a rich source of experience, skills, knowledge and commitment the facilitators of the first workshop invited and included a number of Ngo’s working on diverse issues within the gambit of HIV/AIDS and Violence against women and children in different areas of Mumbai.


Extensive group work and collective brain storming to determine how this Coalition shapes up was designed to ensure fruitful functioning and the sustenance of the coalition. After a good deal of conversation and give and take of ideas, the larger group was then broken into five smaller sub groups.

The groups were given following parameters/guidelines to brainstorm on :

Group I :

Why do Coalitions break down or become ineffective?
How will Intersect Avoid that?

Group II : What other groups or coalitions could be included in the coalition?
How do they intersect with HIV/VAW&G?
Group III :

What are our Shared Goals?
What kind of Actions or Campaigns can we generate from them?

Group IV :

What are our Common Concerns?
What kind of Actions and Campaigns can we generate from our Common Concerns?

Group V : What are the various resources required for the effective functioning and sustenance of the coalition?

The group presentations were followed by inputs and suggestions from the group, which were incorporated in the presentation material later.

These Common Concerns were identified :

  • Identifying , preventing, and addressing of various forms of violence against women and its linkage with the HIV /AIDS
  • The actions and campaigns would include networking with the organizations sharing concerns regarding the issue
  • Identifying and sensitizing high risk groups
  • Sensitizing police, teachers, lawyers, media and policy implementing agencies
  • Advocating severe punitive actions for violence against women
  • Observation of important events like world aids day, international women’s day, international girl child day by distributing awareness material, organizing rallies, workshops seminars, discussions and debates.
  • Campaigning at mass level to pressurize local, state and national government authorities

These Action & Campaign ideas were introduced :

  • Initiate Campaign from the 25 th November to 10 th December which is known as Global Protest Fortnight on the issue of Violence against women And HIV /AIDS
  • On 1 st December i.e. on World AIDS day the Coalition could be formally launched though a range of activities including the following :
        • March/ Candle Light Memorial
        • Mailers in News Papers
        • Slides/Spots on Cable Channels
        • Film Festivals
        • Poster exhibitions
        • Street plays
        • Radio messages
        • Chain SMSs and Emails
        • talks interviews and discussions

The participants then highlighted some of the areas for follow up as mentioned below :

  • The Coalition could formally be launched during the “Global Protest Fortnight” and insight and suggestions regarding the same would be provided by one of the participants Mr. Harish Sadani (MAVA).
  • The group would re assemble for further planning of the Coalitions Activities in the 1 st week of November.
  • Issues pertaining to the Coalitions resources, task team members, roles and responsibilities of all the Coalition members etc would be addressed therein.
  • Mrs. Vipula Kadri (W.I.S.E) volunteered to take responsibility of organizing the second workshop.

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