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Structure : It was thought that forming a new organization, getting it registered under charity and FCRA would be very much time consuming and need a lot of exercises. That's why it was unanimously decided that Gram Bharati Samiti (GBS) should take responsibility of Rajasthan Intersect Coalition as a NODAL agency for the time being. A 7 member coordination committee has been formed taking - Rajesh Agarwal from Jhunjhunu, S.D.Singh from Alwar, Dr. Rajkamal Pareek from Pali, Pradeep Poonia from Churu, Manoj Kushwaha from Kota and Bhawani Shanker and Kusuim Jain from GBS Jaipur. A 5 member Core group was organized to further discuss other related issues e.g. criteria for membership, fee, womens's participation (it was unanimously decided that at least 1/3 members of all the Intersect coalitions/sub committees will be women) etc... The first meeting of this core group will be held at GBS on Oct. 10, 2004.

Resources : Both the human as well as financial resources were discussed at large. Groups for designing logo, graphics, and other several things and planning for events etc. will be formed in the meeting of Oct. 10. For internal financial resources letters will be written and a delegation will meet some of the related ministries informing them about the organization Intersect coalition in Rajasthan and request for financial support for specific programmes being proposed to be implemented in various districts by its units or member NGOs and proposals will developed accordingly. Also external resources will be explored. 

Programmes : After having wide discussion over various suggestions following 3 programmes were decided :

1. World AIDS Day will be celebrated at all the districts involved in the Intersect. 21 meter long canvas will be fixed at some prominent place and people passing through the way would be requested to put their suggestions with signature on it with regard to HIV/AIDS and VAW & G.
2. VCT will be established in these districts by the Coalition members.
3. Public announcement has been made that PLWHA those who are in search of jobs will be provided with suitable jobs in NGOs related to the Intersect Coalitions in order to reduce the stigma. Any other programme can be decided by the Coalition members at their own level.

World AIDS Day : World AIDS Day was celebrated in an predecided manner at 13 places in the state. All the 13 Intersect units organised awareness campaign by collecting people's opinion on combating the pandemic by getting their suggestions and signature on a 21 meters long canvas staged at a prominent place in their respective areas. In Jaipur Gram Bharati Samiti (GBS) organized the programme at Bari Chaupar, a centre place in the city.

Dr. Digamber Singh, the Health Minister of Rajasthan inaugurated the programme at 9.30 a.m. by writing his opinion and signing on the banner. Chief Medical & Health Officer, Jaipur, Mr. Padam Chand Jain, Secretary, International Jain & Vaishya Organisation were among the other prominent persons those who signed on the canvas. Also several other dignities including some IESEC trainees from Japan and France wrote their opinions.

Over 10, 000 people including a big number of students and other adolescents attended the programme with very much interest and 365 wrote their suggestions. As it was expected, the number of women visitors was considerably low. They would come forward and turned back shyingly looking at the banner where HIV/AIDS was written on.

Increasing awareness programmes for youth widely, making condoms available at every prominent place in big cities and towns, launching programmes for education, awareness and counseling among the women separately, registering the women in sex work and issuing them legal licence, banning prostitution, initiating moral education etc. were main among the suggestions/comments made by the visitors on the canvas. A document will be prepared on the basis of the suggestions and a memorandum will be given to the related Government authorities and those who are in power.

Rajasthan, a house of over 50,000 persons infected with HIV and 1089 PLWA, has now been included in the list of very sensitive states along with other 6 states e.g. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Manipur and Nagaland. Now a days the fact that India with 5.1 million people with HIV/AIDS has become the second largest country in the world after South Africa is a subject of hot discussion and grave concern among the intellectuals everywhere in the country.

The government of India has taken careful attention towards the problem, particularly after the recent visit of Dr. Peter Piot, Executive Director, UNAIDS to India and his long deliberation with the Health Minister on future planning on developing an efficacious strategy to abate the impending peril.

Also the Health Minister of Rajasthan has announced on the occasion of the Wold AIDS Day many programmes to be implemented shortly in the state including availability of HIV drugs for all and establishing care homes for PLWA at division level.

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