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Host : Apne Aap Women Worldwide

Members Present :
Roop Sen Of Group Development.
Kusum Gupta of Jabala Action Research Organization.
Aloka Mitra of Women s Interlink Foundation.
Sujata Pal of KNP +.
Minu Das of KNP+.
Maya Sarma of DMSC.
Suparna Tat of DMSC.
Tinku Khanna of Apne Aap.
Supriya Chattopadhay of Apne Aap.
Smarita Sengupta of Apne Aap.

Mrs. Aloka Mitra started the meeting. She briefed about Intersect and importance of coalition. She then asked other members to say something about what they expect from this coalition. She said their organization always supports any kind of coalition ; aim of WIF is to empower women economically through skilled training. Roop Sen said they generally work against exploitation of street children, like trafficking and sex trading with children.
Mrs Kusum Gupta of Jabala works for the children of sex worker and positive mothers and children. She suggested to organizing awareness programmes like rallies are always helpful.
Sujata Pal of KNP+ was asked to say something about herself she is an positive women she got infected from her husband who now in death bed she said she does not feel like returning home. She has been thrown out from her in-laws She wanted to know what support or help this kind of coalition can do for her. Minu Das another positive women,who got married at an early age of 11 she has been tortured by her in-laws for dowry she fled from home, got trapped by a pimp who sold her to a brothel but at the end a fellow inmate helped her to escape.
Both Sujata and Minu feel that they need emotional and mental support.
Maya Sarma of DMSC who is a sex worker said the sex workers have even more pathetic stories to tell. There are positive women in prostitution too, but they cannot disclose it or else they will be thrown out of their community.

Participants have emphasized on the following :
Greater participation of the positive people.
Leadership by the positive groups in programme planning.

Roop Sen suggested that the Positive people’s groups should assess and prioritize theirneeds and subsequent programme will be planned accordingly in the next meeting.

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