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The Western Cape Intersect Coalition is made up of organisations across the entire province.


Cross Training:

At the moment the cross training is enabling discussions between organisational and act as a platform of information sharing between organisation on issues relating to Violence Against Women and HIV/AIDS.

Topics that have been discussed are the following:

1) Research done on why linking Violence Against Women and HIV/AIDS (Individual Consultant - Bernedette Muthiene)
2) Gender and Gender base Violence and HIV/AIDS (Gender Advocacy Programme)
3) Domestic Violence and HIV/AIDS (Medical Research Council)
4) Rape and HIV/AIDS (Rape Crisis)
5) Now that the Government has promised treatment what next? (Treatment Action Campaign)

Topics still to be discussed:

1) Children and HIV/AIDS and Child Trafficking.
2) How do we engage men and gay lesbian groups to be part of the solution?

The next phase to this programme is to do three-day training on empowering community women on issues of Violence Against Women and HIV/AIDS and treatment in partnership with Treatment Action campaign.

Think about it Campaign:

This is the media campaign that has made the Intersect Campaign to be popular and well know due to the slogan of discussion that are given for media publication every month linked to the topic of discussion for that month, ending with the phrase "think about it". This campaign is targeted to both men and women of all race and background. This is aimed at the communities to start thinking of Violence Against Women and HIV/AIDS as serious and on a personal level as most campaigns usually generalise.

The campaign has received good media attention and community newspapers have now gained an interest on publishing articles every month. We have formed good relationship with radio stations and need to do the same for community newspapers. We have a team, which works on the media campaign that reports back to the general meeting. We also still need to look at using art as form of addressing these issues which we will use when doing community outreach programmes and working closely with support group.

Community Outreach:

This programme is only going to receive more attention during the month of November and beyond as we needed to deal we service providers first for them to gain training so as to be at par with issues before targeting grass roots women and children. We have thus far worked with children's organisations, Community Based Organisations that work on both HIV/AIDS and Violence Against Women issues, SAPS, Radio gender departments, Schools and NGOs.
This programme is targeted at grass roots women and men in dealing with challenges around issues of HIV/AIDS and Violence Against Women such as stigmatization and isolation. We will target at least 20 - 30 per area working together with CBOs and NGOs, which are part of the Coalition, and already working in those areas.

We are also going to do empowerment programmes at schools for young women in grade 9-11 on these issues:
Self Esteem.
Importance of waiting before engaging on sexual relationships.
Issues of HIV/AIDS and staying negative but positive.
Services available when in a Domestic Violent relationship or have been abused.
Developing posters, pamphlets and t-shirts for the identification of the campaign.

We are also looking at working with support groups for people who are infected and affected by the pandemic and using art as a form of expression of messages.


We attend TAC meetings and events. We also participate in the discussions around the submission of changes in the Sexual Offences Bill. Attended the Nyanga Health District HIV/AIDS Summit where Intersect was given a platform to present what intersect is about. Challenges and windows of opportunities. We also are a partner member of NACOSA (National AIDS Coalition of South Africa) and attend their quarterly meetings. Intersect was also presented at the KHIB conference (black women's movement). We also engage in discussions with the Provincial Health Department HIV/AIDS Desk.

Planned events:

1) Join TAC as a partner at the March on acknowledging Government's ARV roll out and seeking to help implementing.
2) Partner with TAC on a three- day training programme on preparing communities for the roll out of ARV's. (What are ARVs, why should we use ARVs, side effects and benefits?)
3) March "The Red ribbon meeting the White ribbons" during 16 days of Activism. Purpose and theme " Be part of the Solution in fighting Violence Against Women and HIV/AIDS". Meant for all women, men and children to wear red and organisation from the HIV/AIDS sector and Violence Against Women sector.
4) Training programmes for women in Khayelitsha, Elsies River, Nyanga, Mitchell's Plain and shelter residents in the Western Cape Province on monthly bases.
5) Linking Intersect and the Mabuphele Campaign and draw up activities.

Organisations that we are already working with are:

Rapcan, Community Chest, Gender Advocacy Programme, Treatment Action Campaign, Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children, Trauma Centre, Union of Jewish Women, Law race and Gender, United Sanctuary Against Abuse, St Anne's homes, Dusk to Dawn Shelter, El-o-Him Shelter, Rape Crisis, Sharon's care Centre, Heaven's Shelter, Catholic Welfare and Development Woman Awakened, Nicro, Bellville South Police Station Comfort Room, FAMSA, Umtha Welanga HIV/AIDS Project, Empilweni Project, Clothing Industry Health Care Fund.

Task Team:

Rape Crisis, Gender Advocacy Programme, RAPCAN, St Anne's Homes, Clothing Industry Health Care Fund, Bush Radio and Community Chest.

Radio Stations:

Bush Radio (all communities in the Metro area - urban and peri urban), Radio Tygerberg (Coloured community), SAFM (National radio station), Radio Stellenbosch (Afrikaans speaking in peri rural and rural community), the Voice of the Cape (Muslim Community), Women's Media Watch.

- Coalition Activities -

Contact Information:

Address: Caroline Davids, Coordinator
P.O. Box 5
Althone 7760, Cape Town
South Africa
Tel: 27-21-633-5287
fax: 27-21-637-0785
mobile: 072-596-9749

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